Just the One

I literally have just a single photo from the first time I attended a local Zombie Festival and that is a really bad selfie (apologies) …

Saturday 15th November 2014

The 8th UK Festival of Zombie Culture



A First …

The Victory Show – Cosby, Leicestershire – Saturday 6th September 2014

Including an opportunity to step on board a Dakota (Douglas C-47)

Time Travel

Saturday 28th June 2014 – Day out In London (with my Dad) Morning spent ambling around Portobello Market – Finding a pub on the corner which played Classical Music to keep the ‘ruffians’ away. Afternoon was spent visiting HMS Belfast upon the Thames.

I know I have more photos from this trip, as I took my old camera with me however, these are the only photos I took on my phone.

… Five years later and I’ve finally got to the top of The Shard!

The Plan

To try and put this concept into action, I thought it would be best to start upon one platform at a time (Google Photos being the one I can easily access) Then moving onto various memory sticks, SD cards, etc… to create a ‘gallery of memories’.

At least that is the idea, in reality, I don’t know how well this will turn out. However I have decided to go back to the earliest point upon Google Photos and work my way from there…

I’m not including silly pictures, selfies, pets, old school photos or other such randomness that I have collected over the years, as I (initially) want to focus on places, events and experiences, but I’m easily distracted and I wouldn’t be surprised if my careful ideas fall into some form of random madness – a bit like my life!

So that means we’re going to time travel back to 2014 and see how much has happened in a mere five years and then see where this cyber photo gallery goes from there?!

This all could go dreadfully wrong – but at least it will be an interesting adventure along the way …

The Concept

Back in 2016 I lost my Mother, throughout the months leading up to her death she had severe dementia and I was given the task of creating a collection of memory books, albums, boxes. To help with her mental alertness and to trigger recall. I worked on putting together these activities for her, making hand-made photo albums and collecting small items in a shoe-box – items gathered from life events – all put together to help cut through the fog of confusion in her mind and give her focus.

Her main source of recall, was a fantastic recollection of animal names, from out vast collection of pets throughout the years to naming each horse at the riding stables.

But she could not remember my name.

So, if I can focus on displaying my photos here, at home I can put together memory books, full of tickets and souvenirs as a craft hobby.

The purpose behind this idea is simply to find some form of order from chaos, the years of photos, the forgotten brochures and triggering my own memories in the process and (hopefully) inspiring me to write about events too … Though that might be a little too ambitious currently. It would be an ultimate goal.

I don’t know how well this is going to develop, so I’m happy to simply go with the flow and see how this turns out – hope you’ll join me for the ride?!

Anne x